As I was sitting on the floor with my back pressed against the wall, wrapped in your memories, a waft of air, came swirling through my windows. As soon as I was made aware of your presence, the wind tip-toed out. Once again the nature had left me without a companion to sit by, yet in my mind, I was sure, your presence would continue to linger around my life. FOREVER! In order to put a stopper on the scent that the wind had left behind, I wandered along the corridors of my big broad mansion.

Once again! Alone!

You don’t smile much, do you? It is absurd but I still ask you, since you have left the town entirely and have no plans of coming back, why would you leave your magic behind? Why not take it away with you? Promise me that you will forI have begun to think, Where you are, is my home.



Once upon a time, I had a smile that could take your breath away. I smiled like a king! Like I had no worries in the world! Like I could love anyone! Like I was an ally to the wind and I go war with the clouds and make sure the rain never dampens nobody’s enthusiasm. Once upon a time, I was a scent, cut out of wind. Once upon a time, I fell over the wind saving a monster. Once upon a time, I buried my smile.




If in your hours of grieve it did not come by your pillow and sing you a lullaby, the wind is no ally. I know what have gathered in your chest are years of disappointment and failures and no medicine, not matter how sweet, could make you forget a past that burns you so. When I first saw you, I knew your smile hid secrets of kinds that could lead one to treasures. I will be kind with you Disha, I will help you help yourself.




The walls around me are of colors that suit my fancies very little. My friends tell me  I don’t deserve to live among the livings. But I know, had I been so undeserving of a life, I would not have come through the woman I call my mother.

 Not my mother! 

My mother was a dream that grew on the lashes of young lovers. She was soft and kind and her touch made you reconsider humanity entirely.

And they say my mother made a mistake giving birth to a witch like me! I might be a witch, but since it is my mother who showed me the light of the day, I must be a good witch.

Love Disha


If only walls knew constraining people, there would have been no Columbus, no Shakespeare and no Disha. The closer the walls are the farther one could leap. Leap on the thoughts one’s mind yarn. To heck with the letters, I am coming.


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