I am going to put my finest attempt into explaining who I am and what do I do. Well, somebody, a great writer of course, once told me the worst thing a budding writer could do is copy’ and tweak someone else’s emotions on paper.

This made me believe that in order to succeed things like traveling, listening to strangers tell a story and digging deeper into one’s own emotional arch are more important than poking noses between famous books. I reckoned it was time I mended my ways, learned to stop being wild and respected the laws of the world. So here I am sitting, somewhere between a warm cafe and a freezing city that understands nothing of moderate temperatures, writing.

With this blog I am simply trying to unfurl, I would rather use the word snap, the inhibitions I carried along with me everywhere I went. It is sad that I can’t be as free on papers as I am on a dance floor but I think a lot of it has to do with practice. While I have been dancing since I was a little kid, writing has come quite recently to me, which is why I would ask you to go easy on my poor dear self.